Our team is professionally trained and has years of experience in providing value to real estate clients. In addition to experience representing buyers and sellers in the home buying and selling process, our team is also experienced landlords and rental agents, knowing area rental markets well and being able to provide value in representing renters. Finally, as home owners and having renovated and flipped properties themselves, our team’s experience in renovation and as home owners brings the perspective needed to assist home buyers in thinking outside the box.



Real Estate Broker Prescott White

Prescott White
Licensed Broker | prescott@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 830-2624
Prescott is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience, both as a sales and rental agent. In addition to Prescott’s proven track record as a licensed real estate broker, Prescott has extensive background renovating and rehabbing properties, including condominiums, single family and multi-family homes. With over a decade of experience, Prescott has personally closed on dozens of homes and has represented clients on dozens more. Prescott is a veteran of large and small brokerage firms and possesses amazing market knowledge of the Greater Boston area.

Cindy Brown
Licensed Real Estate Agent | cindy@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 548-0041
A licensed real estate agent, Cindy is a native of the North Shore of Boston and as a homeowner, knows the markets well. Living in the hot market of Melrose, Cindy is a trusted adviser to clients, ensuring a successful search, negotiation and transaction for all clients. Cindy focuses her practice on representing buyers and sellers of real estate on the North Shore.

Michelle Bushee

Michelle Bushee
Office Coordinator | michelle@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 600-8415
Michelle works as our Office Coordinator, helping to run daily operations and projects for the company. She has years of experience in marketing and graphic design, allowing her to bring her creative talents to the Commonwealth team.

Real Estate Agent Jake Connolly

John Connolly
Licensed Real Estate Agent | jake@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 258-4810
John (Jake) is a licensed real estate agent and is an experienced flipper as well. With this background, Jake is uniquely skilled at advising clients through the real estate process, including with respect to providing valuable insight on renovations and improvement suggestions.

Real Estate Agent Flex Feng

Flex Feng
Licensed Real Estate Agent | flex@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 991-5151
With more than 20 years’ experience working in the home furnishing industry, as well as designing for the world’s top luxury fashion brands, Flex’s unique experience can help you in selecting or selling the right real estate. To him, the happiest moments in real estate are seeing a happy buyer receive their keys at closing, and seeing a seller smile with the knowledge that they found the right buyer to take over their home, and at the right price. Don’t hesitate to contact him for any and all real estate needs; Flex believes in fate, both in business and in knowing you.

Real Estate Agent Liz GoodwinLiz Goodwin
Licensed Real Estate Agent | liz@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 696-6345
Liz is a licensed real estate agent and has over a decade of experience. Liz provides clients with real estate services of both buying and selling throughout the Greater Boston area.  Liz was born and raised in Melrose, Massachusetts, which gives her an edge with great knowledge of Boston’s surrounding cities and towns. Liz has successfully worked with clients looking for new homes, multiple family houses, condominiums, and more.
Real Estate Agent Charlene Grady

Charlene Grady
Licensed Real Estate Agent | charlene@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 775-8212

Charlene has held her real estate license since 2013, representing buyers and sellers through both purchasing negotiations and rentals. She has an extensive professional background in banking and management, and also holds a New Hampshire real estate license and acts as a Notary Public. Having lived and raised a family in Melrose for more than 20 years, Charlene possesses extensive firsthand knowledge and experience of the local market. She also has broad knowledge of the area, having worked in Boston and both the North and South Shore areas, and is well versed in relocations.

Real Estate Agent Shuhui LiShuhui Li
Licensed Real Estate Agent | shuhui@wearecommonwealth.com | (978) 473-1062
Shuhui is a bilingual licensed real estate agent (speaking English and Mandarin) with several years of overseas experience. She is a long time North Shore resident and serves buyers and sellers throughout the Greater Boston area. Shuhui is passionate about real estate knowledge for both owning and investing in condo, single family and multiple-family unit properties. Shuhui is “client centered,” and is devoted to providing clients quality service, offering counseling, consultation and guidance to clients throughout the home buying and selling process. 
Real Estate Agent Martin Lugo

Martin Lugo
Licensed Real Estate Agent | martin@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 959-3681

Martin is a licensed real estate agent and comes to the field with more than 15 years of extensive sales experience, which has given him knowledge of strategy, mastery of communication, and a results-driven mindset. A resident of Melrose, he knows the local community and market well. Martin is enthusiastic about helping both buyers and sellers in the area achieve their real estate goals.

Real Estate Agent Dimitra Murphy

Dimitra Murphy
Licensed Real Estate Agent | dimitra@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 669-4748

Dimitra is a lifelong resident of East Somerville, local business owner and focused on the community. Dimitra has an entire lifetime involved in her family real estate business and is excited to bring her hospitality experience to the home buying and selling process. 

Real Estate Agent Jason RollinsJason Rollins
Licensed Broker Salesperson | jason@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 820-4406
Jason is a licensed broker and has over a decade of experience working with buyers, sellers and investors. Jason’s real estate experience ranges from sales, both buying and selling, rental property management, leasing, auctions, wholesaling, mortgages and strong comprehension of finance. Jason prides himself on being result oriented and will do whatever it takes to ensure his clients are satisfied with the process and service.
Real Estate Agent Bill RosanioBill Rosanio
Licensed Real Estate Agent | bill@wearecommonwealth.com | (617) 548-8719
Bill has more than 15 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent, representing buyers and sellers throughout the North Shore. His expertise in the field and enthusiasm for guiding his clients through every step of the process combine to make him a highly in-demand agent. He resides in Peabody with his wife.
Real Estate Agent Maria SweezeyMaria Sweezey
Licensed Real Estate Agent | maria@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 864-6315
Maria is a licensed real estate agent, born and raised in the North Shore of Boston, and recently purchased her home in Melrose. Maria has over 10 years of experience in the dental industry and has always had a passion for real estate. First and foremost, Maria focuses her efforts on the specific needs of her clients to make sure the buying and selling process is both informative and enjoyable.
Real Estate Agent Jean ThompsonJean Thompson
Licensed Real Estate Agent | jean@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 858-6837
Jean is a licensed real estate agent representing buyers and sellers throughout the North Shore area. Her steadfast dedication to clients is shown through her commitment and consideration to their individual needs. Her proven track record of providing guidance through every step of the real estate process inspires confidence and peace of mind. Having lived in Marblehead for 27 years, and as a current Lynnfield homeowner, she possesses a vast knowledge of both the local area and market.
Real Estate Agent Mary TowMary Tow
Licensed Real Estate Agent | mary@wearecommonwealth.com | (781) 665-2100
Mary is a licensed real estate agent and has over seven years of experience representing buyers and sellers. Mary is a great resource for both buyers and sellers and can help clients at all stages of their lives navigate the real estate buying and selling process.
Real Estate Agent Chad WhiteChad White
Licensed Real Estate Agent | chad@wearecommonwealth.com | (860) 604-9440
An experienced real estate agent, Chad has over a decade of experience throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut representing buyers and sellers of real estate. Chad is experienced in renovating and staging homes, giving clients added value when buying and selling. Chad strives to meet each individual client’s needs and enjoys exceeding his clients expectations.