Five New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

With the year winding down, it’s a perfect time to reflect and set new goals, including making some resolutions for your home. Here’s our list of suggestions:

Start a Home Repair Slush Fund

Things in your home are going to break and need to be fixed – it’s just a fact that comes with home ownership. Rather than letting expensive repairs take you by surprise, start planning for them. Set aside some money each month that you can eventually draw from when an appliance breaks or unexpected damage occurs.

Inspect Your Fireplace

Even if you have a gas fireplace, you should still inspect the valves and ceramic logs yearly to ensure that everything is operating safely and correctly. If you have wood fireplace, hire a certified chimney sweep to do the job.

Maintain Your Garage Door

Garage doors are big and heavy, and that puts a lot of stress on the hinges and tracks that are used to open and close the door several times a day. A regularly scheduled $50 inspection could save you hundreds or thousands in the long run.

Tune Up Your Furnace

Regular furnace inspections will help identify minor problems before they turn into major ones. Also, set reminders to replace your furnace filter.

Clean Your Coils

The number 1 refrigerator maintenance task should be cleaning the condenser coils. They can get clogged with hair and dust, reducing your fridge’s efficiency. Have you cleaned yours lately? You can hire a professional to do it, but it’s also an easy do-it-yourself job.

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