Top 4 Real Estate Photo Mistakes - Commonwealth Properties

Pictures are arguably the most important part of the listing. The goal is to capture the best features of your home and give potential buyers an idea of the layout and finishes. It also lets the nosy neighbors know that no, you do not have a dungeon in your home. Keep the buyers from skipping your house by adhering to a few simple rules: 

Close The Lid!
You may be the king of your castle but nobody wants to see your throne. Cleanliness in the bathroom is essential so remember to close the lid before the shooting starts. 

The Infamous Mirror Picture.
I think it’s 7 years of bad luck to take a picture of you taking the picture of YOU in the mirror. Everyone has a mirror in the bathroom. How else would we know how bad we look in the morning? A simple change in the camera angle solves this.

Where Are The Pets?
We know you love your pets. How do we know? Because we can see them in the background while they water your lawn. Believe it or not there are people who don’t like animals. They have no souls, but they still exist. Put Fido and Fluffy in a room while snapping those pics.

Clean It Up.
My mom always yelled at me to clean up my room. She always said “you never know when someone will just stop by!” Shockingly, no one ever just appeared in my room. As a seller you’re hoping that dozens of people will be walking through your home so clean it up for the photos! Nobody wants to know if you have matching pajamas like I have with my cat.

Bottom line is that unless you are an award winning photographer, leave the pics to the pros. Contact us to help you with the selling process